TUG & OFFSHORE Brokerage

The key to success is to have the right assets for a specific task or optimization of your asset-portfolio. For this process you would appreciate the assistance of a seasoned broker, knowing about all aspects of vessels by experience, and having an extensive network and skills to source the right vessel.

Njord Marine Management is the right partner to assist Owners in this process whereby the Client’s objectives are a starting point. Our personal approach with eye for detail and Client’s culture, combined with our knowledge of the market and products, do crate the tools to meet these objectives.

Njord Marine Management strives to create value and does not only act as intermediates in ship brokerage.

The range of services provided by Njord Marine Management are varying and based on 35 years of experience in the shipping industry

Njord Marine Management strives to create value in partnership with focus on quality, integrity and commitment.

The range of services provided are:
– Sale & Purchase
– Chartering of tonnage
– Consultancy

Martime markets we’re active in:

Tug & Workboats

The variety of tugs is significant and each specific situation may require a different type of tug, would it either be a most common conventional or ASD Tug or an alternative like Voith-Schneider or ROTOR or more recently developed types like GIANO or EDDY-tug.

Each type has its specific pro’s and con’s and each situation is to be analyzed thoroughly in order to determine the most optimum vessel-type for the job.

Ferries & RoRo & LCT

The purpose of each vessel-type may be the same, but the application of each is different.
Depending culture, geographical situation or economic development of the area of operation, a vessel-type may or may not apply and perform as expected.

Essential is to select the optimum vessel for the purpose, answering all requirements set and providing revenues for Owners.

Crew & Patrol vessels

These types of vessels can be found in various markets such as: Offshore, Renewables, and Maritime Security. The variety within this segment is huge: Cargo and/or Pax-capacity, Coastal- or Offshore operation, Anti-Ballistic protection, prepared for FiFi, etc.

Njord Marine Management can assist you to select the optimum vessel for your market

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